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Thanks for keeping me in touch Gordon and apologies again for missing the flight home in time for the reunion. The up side was you had Helen to share between you and, from personal experience, I know that that can be a treat in itself.

George has some excellent photos of the memorial in  it’s various stages of construction culminating in the finished job on Wednesday 27th Oct. 21 when we (Ron and I) had most of the day off.

I left for Naples airport at 4am Thursday morning and Ron followed by road the following day. George had gone the previous Saturday and Sammy, eventually, on the previous Tuesday (26th) after a false start the week before when he was made persona non grata by the Italian authorities at Naples airport (something to do with a bloke called Micron in France I think) and came back for a few more days hard labour where he was made very welcome after we had stopped laughing.

We have found an excellent cafe/restaurant in Cassino where we dined most evening. We tried a Chinese  on the Sunday because our favourite place was shut but it  was crap. I think it’s the only one there so if it says “Chinese food” on the outside don’t go in.

It sounds like there will be a ceremony to mark the official opening of the monument at the next service in May so, for those of you who think having your photo in “The Sapper” is second only to Sapper of the year in “Time” magazine, Cassino is the place to be next year. Book early to avoid disappointment. I have a feeling some will have booked already.

I have heard (but not on FB which I think should be burned) that next years REunion will be at York in April 2022. Let’s hope Covid will be behind us by then and we can get down to some serious reuinioning.

Pleased to here Frank has put his hand up to run the website. My IT guy left for greener pastures at HMRC, almost a year ago now, so you are very welcome Frank. Do it in your own way. It works.

I’m in almost every day between 8 and oneish and will be happy to hand the thing over at your convenience.