A brief resume of money taken at Southport 2018

Subs £200.00

Raffle £132.00

TOTAL £332.00

Entertainers £270.00

Money to Bank £62.00

There has only been one communication between Brummie Harper and the association (via Ginge) and it was felt unsafe to continue with the arrangement.

Ginge looking at York for 2019

Cassino everyone for themselves but I’ll put joining instructions on the website so that everyone is up to speed.

The date of the event is 12th 13th May 2019

Historically most (not all) of us have stayed at Hotel Rocca in Cassino. If you Google it you can get the full details so the earlier you book the more likely you are to get a bed and I reckon it will be busy that week. It’s a Best Western so standards are good and you can eat there as well. Don’t use bookings.com or any of the other rooms websites. Ring the hotel direct. They speak better English than me so it won’t be a problem.

You can fly in to Rome and hire a car there so one of your party should bring a TomTom with you. They are (in my opinion) an expensive add-on to car hire but you can do it. If you team up in fours it becomes more economical than either bus or train. From experience I would advise you all to avoid the cheap car hire places. They sell you cars cheap and the insurance (and you need CDW without a doubt) is extortionate. DO NOT believe the internet blurb it’s a con.

Most people I’ve spoken to are making it a part of a bigger holiday and that’s sensible. We go to Malta from there so the exact timings are up to you and how you fit your flights in.