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    Gordon Dadd

    Chris, can you get Rhys to look at the list of members. If you check the members list there are a lot of spurious names appeared on it again. Cheers



    At 11.00




    Rob’s funeral is

    Friday 8th November

    Cambridge Crematorium (just off the A14 if you are still using maps)

    Everything else is sorted



    Thank you Gordon


    Gordon Dadd

    Hi Ray, I got into the site ok by clicking on the link you posted.




    After talking to Bob on the phone about the fact that our Shiny 7 Association Facebook page could not be reached for the past couple of months Bob has fixed the issue. I suggested he put some money in the gas meter. I suggest we revert to this page for messages we wish to pass, of course the web site is unaffected. Would someone please try the link below and confirm it worked for them.




    I’ll sort that for you Steve



    Tragic to hear of Bob’s passing.  I am off to the Canaries tomorow and am unlikely to return before his funeral.  As a consequence can I request that condolences are passed on to Pat.

    Best Regards

    Steve D


    Ray Geordie Rowe

    Sorry to hear the sad news about Bob. My condolences to his family

    Ray  Geordie Rowe


    Geordie C

    Shock indeed. My condolences to Pat and family. R.I.P. Robert.



    Brace yourselves for a shock

    Bob Hopkins passed away last night.

    I’ve just had a talk with Pat and we will publish the funeral arrangements on here.

    I have conveyed our sincere condolences for the loss of a good bloke


    Gordon Dadd

    Photos added to Squadron Photo Album page



    Don’t ring and leave voice mail messages though. If there’s no reply on that number ring the land line and he will ring you back




    In an attempt to make the “new” web site more user friendly and therefor more accessible to anyone who wants / needs advice on how it works can contact an expert, free, and get advice.
    Rhys works Wednesday normally. If you ring him on 07506 268189 he’ll then ring you back as our calls are free. He will be able to sort out any problem or give advice on “how it’s done”. If you switch on and boot up before you ring him it will save a bit of my time. It should sort out the problem a bit. Not guaranteed for everyone but it’s worth a try.

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    Latest updated list for Wisbech

    Alan Morton and Agnes
    Alan Stannard
    Andy Anderson and Pam
    Andrew Heatlie
    Bob Blakey and Linda
    Bob Hopkins and Pat
    Brummie Harper
    Chris Ellis and Helen
    Chris Wilkins and ?
    Dave Biram and Sue
    Dave Perry and Chris
    Frank Jones and Sheryll
    George Cowie
    Gordon Dadd and Gillan
    Jim Halling and Annette
    Jimmy Rutter and Beryl
    John Catlaugh and Ellen
    John Gilliland and Diane
    Michael O’reilly
    Paul Simmons and Judy
    Ray Freeman (meal only)
    Ray Rogers and Kathleen
    Ray Rowe
    Ron Plaxton and Sue (Friday night only)
    Russ Dawson and Barbara
    Sammy Singleton
    Elaine (Sammy’s sister)
    Steve Duncan
    Terry Brennan and Sharon
    Terry Bridges and Margaret

    It’s nice to see some old faces coming back.

    AGM’s are always better when well attended I reckon.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 232 total)

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