Wisbech Reunion 2021

I just put this info on the facebook site but apparently there is a problem with it so I will resend on here

People who have booked for the brewery tour so far are

Alan Stanard
Chris Ellis
Dave & Chris Perry
Jim & Annette Halling
Jimmy & Beryl Rutter
Paul & Judy Simmons
Ray Rowe
Sammy Singleton
Terry Bridges & Margaret

I have spoken with a local coach company and they have agreed to  supply us with a coach and driver to take us as we are mainly ” old codgers ” and veterans, providing they don’t get a special paying booking for the coach as, being as we are veterans, so is the coach (see attached photo). If anybody else wants to join us on the tour please let me know as I will soon have to submit figures to Elgoods of those attending. This is a special tour Elgoods are putting on for us as their season doesn’t start until 1st May and then only on weekdays. Looking forward to us all meeting in April



Attending so far

Alan Morton and Agnes
Alan Stannard
Andy Anderson and Pam
Andrew Heatlie
Bob Blakey and Linda
Pat Hopkins and Rob;s daughter (Sat only)
Brummie Harper
Chris Ellis and Helen
Chris Wilkins and ?
Dave Biram and Sue
Dave Perry and Chris
Frank Jones and Sheryll
George Cowie
Gordon Dadd and Gillan
Jim Halling and Annette
Jimmy Rutter and Beryl
John Catlaugh and Ellen
John Gilliland and Diane
Michael O’reilly
Paul Simmons and Judy
Ray Freeman (meal only)
Ray Rogers and Kathleen
Ray Rowe
Ron Plaxton and Sue (Friday night only)
Russ Dawson and Barbara
Sammy Singleton
Elaine (Sammy’s sister)
Steve Duncan
Terry Brennan and Sharon
Terry Bridges and Margaret


SUBS 2021